Central Florida Seido Juku Karate
Seido Juku

What does Seido Juku mean?

SEI means truth, honesty and sincerity. DO means way, road or path to follow. JUKU means special or unique place. What does the Seido emblem stand for? The symbol we wear on the left sleeve of our gi is Kaicho Nakamura's family emblem, the plum blossom. The three circles enclosed by the petals represent LOVE, RESPECT and OBEDIENCE. These are the three underlying principles of Seido Karate.

Total Program of Mind, Body, and Spirit

Seido Karate is a Japanese style of karate founded by Grandmaster Tadashi Nakamura. A superior form of physical exercise and self defense. Seido Karate also includes aspects of meditation for the development of mind and spirit.

Seido Philosophy

The goal of Seido Karate is the physical, mental, and spiritual growth of its students. We are a serious martial arts school. We are looking for highly motivated men, women, and children who interested in improving themselves both physically and mentally. At Seido Karate, the competition is with yourself, not with others. Our goal is that each day when you leave, you are a little better than when you came. We provide you with the program, supervision, and atmosphere that will allow you to realize your full potential for growth and achievement.

Physical Fitness

Seido Karate provides you with a complete program in physical conditioning. Our exercises are safe, effective, and tailored to your individual needs. Sei Shihan Gil has been working with beginners for over 30 years and holds a B.S. in Physical Education. Strength Karate training utilizes virtually every muscle in your body. You will notice new power and stamina as your body becomes firm and toned.

Seido Karate develops Flexibility and Coordination

Our progressive stretching exercises will help you maintain a flexible, limber body. Tightness and stiffness in muscles and joints will gradually lessen and possibly disappear. You will experience new agility and coordination. Maintaining a limber, flexible body is an important ingredient in looking and feeling healthy.

Seido Self Defense

With Seido Karate you will learn to use your entire body to defend yourself. You will acquire skills in striking, kicking, blocking and releases from holds. You will learn to become more mentally aware, focused, assertive, and self confident.

Seido Youth Program

Through our program your child will gain balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength. Over time you will see a new sense of confidence, self discipline, and focus emerging in your child. We foster a learning environment in which kids are given positive reinforcement for their efforts and encouraged to try their best to meet new challenges.