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Seido Juku

Benefits for Children

Children who can benefit from Seido Karate

Overweight children after losing a few pounds through self discipline and exercise, children who have been ostracized because of their appearance, can gain a good measure of self esteem and confidence.

Physically smaller children who get picked on because of their size, often gain in strength and self confidence as their physical abilities increase.

Shy children who are always afraid of trying anything new because they‘ve failed in the past, are taught  how to overcome their fears and develop the "I’ll try attitude" through repeated, successful karate experiences.

Overactive, inattentive children will learn to channel their energy and focus their attention on the task at hand.

The Attributes of Seido Karate

Focus - Karate will improve the amount of time your child spends on task. Their attentiveness and reaction times will increase. They will improve in many physical activities. Your child will also become a better listener and a more focused student in the classroom.

Teamwork is necessary for any young child to develop. The more confident your child is in willing to work with others, the more they will get accomplished. Your child will develop character, which will help him/her make new friends and become a better team player.

Balance is important to develop at an early age. Your child is beginning to participate in many physical activities that are challenging. Your child will develop gross motor skills, good balance, and a better posture through karate practice.

Decision Making and Self Control - Making good choices is a process which must be nurtured. As your child trains, they will be guided in the right directions. Our drills are constantly helping your child think and make smart decisions. The structure of the class itself requires self control in order to be successful.

Discipline - Our system intertwines discipline with fun and rewarding activities. Your child will take pride in doing the right thing. They will also follow directions better.

Fitness - It is important for children to understand the importance of being healthy and physically fit. They will burn off excess energy and calories practicing karate, and develop a more positive self image.

Coordination - Your children will learn to control their bodies in a variety of movements and positions. They will become more confident participants in sports and activities. The better their coordination, the more confident and motivated they will become.

Respect - The students are encouraged to show respect for their teachers, parents, and each other. When respect is shown to others, it is given back. Courtesy and respect are the foundations of karate practice.

Bushido Spirit - This translates to non-quitting spirit. In karate we are taught to persevere. When we encounter a problem we don’t give up. The children will learn that they can surmount many obstacles with patience, training, and a little help from others.